Pyjamas Can Improve Your Quality of Sleep


After working from 9 to 5 in the office, you deserve a good night’s sleep, so do your children. Their brain has been working since the daylight and night doing homework and studying. Study shows that one person should sleep at least for 8 hours to get a fresh day and enough rest. Children must at least reach this minimum time limit so that they can go on with their day better in the next morning. Another study written in Straits Times shows that 4 out of 10 people in Singapore do not sleep well. Sleeping is indeed a rest that everyone needs no matter what the age is. However, the fact that many people are still unable to sleep well is the key to the problem. Wearing pyjamas might be the solution to these people. Pyjamas can not only give a great appearance when you go to bed but also improve your health and sleep quality. What can pyjamas do?

1. Comfort and warmth

Being able to sleep well demands comfort. You can easily fall asleep when you are feeling comfortable physically. Choosing the right material also matters to warm your body. Different conditions need different materials. Some of the materials might be:

a.  Cotton pyjamas: This type of pyjamas is suitable for those living in warm climates and do not need thick pyjamas to warm themselves up. One of them is premium rayon cotton. This pyjama is also ideal for children as they are able to move freely.

b.   Flannel: This type of pyjamas can give you more warmth, therefore, it might be more suitable to wear during cold nights or colder areas.

c.   Silk: This pyjama is soft and can prevent you from overheating but it still keeps you warm.

d.     Knit: Warm, soft, and flexible are three words to describe knit pyjama. It is one of the children’s favourites as it makes them easy to move.

e.     Supima: This material is the softest and coolest you can find in pyjama. It can be worn in warmer areas as it is quite lightweight.

2. Blood circulation

The nightgowns and pyjamas are made of soft materials. The goal is to maintain health and comfort. Moreover, during sleep, the body naturally detoxifies. So, wearing pyjamas can help improve blood circulation since it is generally in loose materials. If the blood circulates well, the body can easily form new young blood that can ward off viruses.

3. Hygiene

During sleep, our skin also regenerates. Not wearing pyjamas might cause our dead skins full of microorganisms to get into our bed sheets. The long-term effect might cause diseases for skin, such as tinea versicolor and acne on the back. Wearing pyjamas can be the barrier between your body and the bed sheets. Surely, the chances of getting skin diseases might be lower if you wash your pyjamas, nightgowns, and bed sheets properly.

4. Brain works better

Having a great night sleep can help you improve your brain working the next morning. To achieve your ideal sleeping situation, you should wear pyjamas. Wearing loose pyjamas as mentioned above can help blood circulation which will then improve your brain health. So, in other words, wearing pyjamas contributes to your brain health.

In conclusion, pyjamas have more functions besides for fashion and warmth. Each person might have his or her own preference in choosing pyjamas. This will not matter as long as the pyjamas are worn suitably based on the situation. Indeed, wool is the most common pyjamas in cold weather and cotton might be the best choice during warmer weather. Either cotton or wool will not matter much as long as you are comfortable in wearing it. Remember, a great night sleep will contribute much more to your body than you ever expect!

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